February Client Bulletin

Putting Stock Market Volatility in Perspective

As of this writing, in late 2018, the U.S. stock market has been extremely volatile. By the time you read this article, in February 2019, stocks may have stabilized, may have risen, or may have dropped dramatically. The last stunning market retreat, which made tumultuous news in late 2008, reached its bottom in February 2009.

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What’s New in 2019

        Record Sales: For the year ended August 31, 2018, the firm completed its thirty-third year in business with record revenues. Thanks to referrals and clients’ business expansions, we have enjoyed another successful year.

  1. Recent Personnel Additions to Peters & Associates, CPAs, P.C.: Our Syracuse accounting staff grew with the addition of an accountant, Elizabeth Stapleton.  Elizabeth has joined as a staff accountant.  She recently graduated from Oswego College and was employed as an intern by P&A since December, 2017.  Our Utica accounting staff grew with the addition of four accountants: Daniel Robertello, CPA, David Harrington, CPA, Chris Pawlikowski, CPA, and Kim Denslow. Daniel Robertello, David Harrington, and Kim Denslow made up the firm Robertello and Harrington, CPAs, P.C. before they joined P&A December 1, 2018.   Our recent growth has allowed us to increase our staff size (now 35) and expand our expertise, as well as to purchase new equipment and software to provide clients with superior service.
  2. Agribusiness Specific Tax Planning and Preparation: Due to our new Seneca Falls location, our firm has specialized expertise to service farm, winery and agribusiness customers with many agricultural specific tax laws and opportunities.
  3. QuickBooks: Our firm is a professional advisor for QuickBooks, the most recommended accounting program for small business owners.
  4. Empire Zone: Our firm continues to be an advisor for the NYS Empire Zone program.
  5. Cheshire Financial Planning Suite: The Cheshire Retirement Planner and the Cheshire Net Worth Planner assist us in planning our clients’ cash flow requirements for retirement, asset allocations, appropriate investments, and risk tolerance.
  6. Peer Review: In 2016, Peters & Associates, CPAs, P.C. successfully completed its ninth peer review. Each CPA firm that is a member of the AICPA must participate in a peer review every three years. The AICPA’s Peer Review Program was created to provide assurance of quality in the accounting industry. Peters & Associates, CPAs, P.C.’s most recent review was completed for the years 2013 through 2016. The reviewer indicated that we complied with the professional standards set forth by the AICPA. Obtaining a ninth consecutive pass report on our Quality Control Performance serves to validate that our efforts over the past 33 years have been successful.
  7. Thank you: Peters & Associates, CPAs, P.C., established in 1985, specializes in a wide range of financial services for businesses and individuals, including tax planning and preparation, small business accounting and consultation services, estate planning, and investment advice. Our goal is to provide sophisticated large-firm consultation services in a small-firm, personal environment at reasonable prices. Our slogan is “Other CPA firms cost money; we make our clients money.”

Our expansion in Utica continues our firm goal:

“Expansion always in all ways”.       


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January Client Bulletin

Double (and triple) IRA season is here

The start of each year might be considered “Double IRA” season. Until mid-April (the 15th, in 2019), you still can make contributions to an IRA for 2018, if you have funds you’d like to save for retirement.

Most workers and their spouses may each contribute up to $5,500, or $6,500 for those who were 50 or older at the end of 2018. If you have additional dollars to invest, you also can put them into an IRA for 2019, now that the year has begun. The sooner you put money into a 2019 IRA and choose investments, the sooner tax-advantaged buildup might begin.

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December Client Bulletin

The new SALT deduction limits will affect home sales

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 sharply raised the standard deduction and placed limits on itemized deductions. In particular, no more than $10,000 can be deducted in state and local tax (SALT) payments on a single or joint tax return.

As a result, most people will take the standard deduction now and get no tax benefit from their property tax payments. Even those who itemize may get little or no tax benefit from their property tax payments if they also have ample outlays for state and possibly local income tax. The bottom line is that property tax payments will be fully or mainly out-of-pocket expenses for most homeowners — and for many home buyers — with reduced federal tax savings as an offset.

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